Our handbags are made by people who create and share with passion their feelings and traditions.         From their hands to yours

Gloria H. Corrales
Gloria H. Corrales

As a Mexican living abroad for more than 20 years, I am interested in helping to preserve our traditions and at the same time show off our culture and talent. I think that Mexico has a lot of potential and if we make a sum of culture, ancestral techniques, talent and quality, our products can compete with high-end world wide branded products; my dream is to see the names of Mexican designers all over the world, therefore ARTESANAL  offers you a line of elegant, unique and exclusive handbags.

The Mexican artcrafts have great recognition and appreciation for being products that manifest cultural diversity in a society.

Mexico is a country with many myths and legends that enrich its culture; Its various indigenous groups maintain their traditions and part of this is their creations with millenary techniques, making each of them a piece of art.

In Artesanal you can find in every piece not just elegance, uniqueness and quality.

Different ethnic groups prior to colonization used artcrafts to decorate the houses of the nobles of their tribe. After the conquest, the Spanish demanded furniture and household items with European style, which were usually made by indigenous artisans; as Mexico was the gateway to Asia, oriental techniques became common as well, which is why the artcrafts are a valuable part of Mexico's national identity.

The Mexican artisans have become the guardians of ancestral techniques, with these techniques they transform different elements such as clay, vegetable fibers, wood, stones, leather, among other materials, into true masterpieces.

The importance of the Mexican artcrafts ia not only the ancestral knowledge that they preserve, since they also have a great economic impact in Mexico. Today there are around 12 million artisans in Mexico, which represents 4% GDP, although they have been affected with the factory production, fast fashion and imitations from other countries, therefore since 2019 Mexico approved a law that protects the intellectual property of the indigenous communities.

Artesanal imports from Mexico original designs handcrafted by artisans who create and share with passion their feelings and traditions; each piece is individually made, the process begins with the inspiration of the designer, then the leather is carefully selected, the leather must be smooth and free of spots with uniform color, the artisans make the cuts of the leather to proceed with the hand chiselling over the leather, this step takes from 48 to 72 hours of hand work by leather masters engraving figures on the surface of the leather with the use of chisels that produce a drawing with depth and shadow effects, some desings are as well hand painted, the zippers and lining are added with a sewing machine using special sewing needles, the seams give the handbag the structure, the details in edges are hand painted before it is hand lacquered. The ironwork used in CCC is extra plated in order to prolong their life and avoid them getting rusted.

In this link I would like to share a bit of the production process https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxObRpu6pe0