Quetzalt is a company that collaborates with master craftsmen combining their crafts with leather pieces placing on the market an elegant, contemporary but above all unique piece, since each canvas is hand embroidered based on the inspiration of the artisan. When the designer depicts flowers, fantastic animals, characters in the field, everyday existence and divinities, he brings his past and present to life, evoking rituals of his ancestors.

On the bottom of Cerro Brujo in Hidalgo Tenango de Doria, the Otomi community makes the well-known "Tenangos". No design is the same as another; They are created under a rigorous ritual, they are a tribute to the community and its most important events such as harvest, planting, marriage, birth amont others.

They have a magical and redemptive function with the earth and its inhabitants. Its cheerful tones represent a meaning in each color: red is good, black is evil, green is vegetation, orange is fire, blue is the moon and brown is earth.